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Winter Weather

Posted by in Blog,Weather | December 6, 2012

Our first winter in Malta. Not what we expected. It’s in the high 50’s but it doesn’t feel that warm. It’s a wet cold, quite humid, and gale force winds for days on end. The chill goes right into your bones. Plus, remember that houses in Malta do not have central heating. Unfortunately, the limestone that the houses and other buildings are constructed of hold in the cold air in winter and the hot air in summer. ūüėź
It actually feels colder inside the buildings than it does outside. The space heaters that we have are gas with pilot lights, so we need to be extremely careful when using them and cannot leave them on overnight.

Malta is the only land between Africa and Europe in this section of the Mediterranean, so as the winds blow from any direction our little rock is the only place for the wind to go. Same with the thunderstorms which we are getting nearly every day now that it’s winter. And the storms are violent storms – it’s not a steady rain but bursts of bucket-falls of rain. Accompanied by very loud thunder and strong lightning.

Granted, this is nothing like it was in Connecticut so I don’t expect any of you snow bunnies to feel any compassion about this but remember, you have fireplaces and central heat! We need to go sit in the car to get warm…

Stormy Weather

Posted by in Blog,Weather | September 4, 2012

Perhaps you have read about the weather in Malta in my older blog posts where I wrote that it is always sunny, hot and humid, not a cloud to be seen. ¬†Well, Sunday afternoon a friend of ours flew in from England saying that it was the bumpiest flight he’s ever had to Malta.

Four hours later one of the biggest blackest clouds I have ever seen was right over our house.  Picture the black cloud that transported Dorothy to the Land of Oz.  Within five minutes, the wind was whipping and howling, there was thunder and lightning, and the rain came down in sheets.  I had a glass on the outdoor table that went flying through the air and shattered into a million pieces.  The outdoor furniture was blown everywhere.  After an hour or two, it subsided.  Then, about 5am it started up all over again.  The lightning was so continuous that it seemed like a strobe light was flashing.  The thunder claps terrified the cats AND me and the rain was torrential.  Our house and garden both flooded.

About 4pm (now Monday) it started up for a third time! ¬†We were advised not to go out to the appointment we had as streets all over the island were flooded and traffic was a snarled mess. ¬†This time, we lost our power…felt just like we were still in Connecticut…

However, unlike in Connecticut, the power company fixed it in a reasonable timeframe‚ÄĒ3 hours versus 8 days. ¬†This morning we heard that one person was killed by lightning in the next village over. ¬†Yikes. ¬†I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…