A Doggie Tail - continued

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A Doggie Tail – continued

Posted by in Blog,Our House | May 20, 2013

Two weeks ago, we welcomed our new family member – she is a baby fox terrier (only 6 weeks old) and her name is Arfie. She is cute and sweet and lovable. Her mother was a pregnant rescue dog taken in by our vet, she had 2 puppies and each puppy and the mother all have new homes so the story has a happy ending indeed.

Here she is: – click on a photo for a bigger view.
























Tony was going to surprise me by bringing her home without telling me but he could only keep the secret for about 30 seconds. We have been waiting for her for 2 weeks to get weaned from her mother so we are quite excited to pick her up.


She is now 8 weeks old and we have had her for 2 weeks – she is growing quickly.

The cats are not amused.