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Posted by in Blog | February 19, 2013

In all my decades of working, I never thought one could have too much free time. But I was wrong, without a job I have too much free time. Therefore, I decided to start slowly with some volunteer work, I didn’t want to be too rash. I have two small volunteer jobs – one is in an elderly residence home and one is for the SPCA. The elderly home is one morning a week – I take a computer, projector, screen, and speakers to the different wards and show the residents old movies. Right now I am showing two short black & white silent films plus a Laurel & Hardy compilation. Some of them laugh and love it, some of them just fall asleep. But it beats sitting in their rooms all day and they are happy to have something to do. The residents are so sweet, but unfortunately for me, they don’t really speak English so we can’t talk very much. Some of them are so thankful that I am there, others just watch me and don’t say anything. I would like to be their friend but it isn’t easy when you don’t speak the same language.
For the SPCA, I would love to work with the animals but I know that I would want to take them all home which isn’t feasible. And so, I volunteer at the used bookshop next door to the SPCA where all of the proceeds go to the animals. Instead of taking the animals home I take lots of books home. My two favorite things in life – animals and books. I’ve worked three times this past week but normally I will be doing just one day every other week (for now) and fill in for volunteers who cancel. Shortly it will be going to one morning per week.
I may (emphasis on may) decide to look for a paying job but as I said earlier, I don’t want to do anything too rash. 😀

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