Ciao to University

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Ciao to University

Posted by in Blog | October 20, 2012

Well, I made it through one week of school before deciding this is not for me.  I had dreams of interesting conversations, museum walks, and gallery openings.  I had forgotten that university is boring lectures, dry textbooks, research and papers.  I think it was when the head of the Art History Department told us that as full time students, we should expect to be working full time, 7am – 7pm daily, that I quickly lost interest.  Add to that my needing to get up at 5:30am every day to beat the rush hour traffic and find a parking space at university, and the bloom wore off the rose real quick.

I wasn’t looking to have a career with this degree, it was just for fun.  And, I already have a degree so it wasn’t going to really do anything for me.  It wasn’t fun and I didn’t want to torture myself for the next three years.  I am once again a retiree and free, and it feels wonderful.

Check back soon to see what the next chapter brings.

Back to School

Posted by in Blog | October 7, 2012

During my decades of employment, I never thought it possible that I could ever have too much free time.  Apparently, I was wrong.  Since retiring some 7 months ago I have all the free time I could ever imagine.  Some days it is wonderful, but other days it is far from great.  So I decided that I need something to sink my teeth into and have chosen to go back to school.  I have always dreamed of going to school full time during the day (when I earned my Bachelor’s degree it was part time going at night after work, not a lot of fun).  I started University last week and am really looking forward to the experience.  I will study Art History and Psychology.  At the University of Malta, first year students are required to choose two subjects to study equally and after the first year, can remain with the dual subject matter or can drop one and focus on the other.  I’ve always had great interest in both of these subjects so this is perfect for me.  Unlike in America, there is no requirement to take any other courses outside of your chosen field which is great.  I have one elective this semester and I have chosen a music history course which will complement nicely my guitar and music studies.

I have told Tony that as part of my continuing education, we need to go to Rome and Florence for me to experience the art personally.  How is that for a way to get a nice trip??  I will keep you posted to see if my plan works…

Education in Europe is free for European Union citizens so along with my pending application for school, I have applied for free tuition.  I find it amazing the benefits that a country can offer its citizens when the bulk of the tax dollars are not spent on wars and massive military buildup.